Retailers can earn up to £2,000 a year through a new compliance and loyalty scheme launched by Palmer and Harvey last week.

The Sircle scheme focuses on getting the bestsellers into convenience stores.

Martyn Ward, P&H managing director, said 1,000 retailers had already signed up. “Retailers will benefit from stocking the right products and doing the right promotions,” he added. “They can earn up to £2,000 a year for doing the right thing.”

In a move to make the company easier to do business with, Palmer & Harvey has merged its van sales team and wholesale team.

Before the delivered wholesale and van sales teams operated separately with different offers and benefits. The change means that retailers can now benefit from the perks of both.

The company has also retrained its 300-strong sales force, which traditionally only went out in the smaller vans, to sell the delivered wholesale services from the bigger vans as well.

“No one else can do this. We think it will change the dynamic in the market,” said Ward.