Amit Patel
Jemma Healy, category controller, Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I


In our first visit to Amit’s store, we walked his shop and looked for anything that drained energy. We identified three simple changes to highlight how starting to make an impact on your store’s energy use is easier than you think.

These changes will help make the shopping environment more pleasurable for his customers, as well as decreasing Amit’s overheads – making them truly good for business.

Replacing the front door

By installing a new door-closing mechanism, costing £500, we ensured that the door doesn’t blow open – making customers more comfortable and keeping heat in, thus using the behind-the-counter heater less often.

Replacing the behind-the-counter heater

We replaced Amit’s old mini 8OOW oil-filled radiator with a new halogen heater with three power settings, costing only £30. Switching between the three settings will allow staff to be kept warm more effectively and efficiently.

Upgrading the CCTV monitor

We replaced Amit’s old 32-inch screen with a more energyefficient model, with a power rating of 30W, costing £149. For a screen that’s on for 12 hours a day, 360 days a year, this could save up to £80 per year.

If the UK’s 46,388 convenience stores made just one simple alteration around their use of screens in store, it could result in astonishing total savings across the channel of up to £3.7m per year.

CCTV screen


As store owners, you know you need to keep moving forward to grow your sales. Our work in Amit’s store reflects the Suntory vision of Growing For Good: by doing good things for society and the environment, we will help make a better, brighter future for all.

This is a project that truly is #GoodForBusiness and #GrowingForGood.

Look out for the 17 November issue of Retail Express, where you’ll be able to find out how we introduced the first big change in Amit’s store. You can also follow our updates on @SuntoryBF_GBI. Hopefully they will help give you ideas on how you can continue your own sustainability journey.

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