The Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA) has warned its members that the Scottish government’s planned crackdown on ‘junk food’ could lead to a severe loss of sales. 

In its latest bid to tackle obesity, Holyrood is consulting on restricting promotions and merchandising related to products considered to have no or little nutritional value. 

A definition of ‘junk food’ is yet to be decided. The consultation will end in January.

SWA CEO Colin Smith met with the Scottish government to discuss the consultation this month and said one potential model being considered would lead to a 50% range reduction. He told RN: “A fifth of products across wholesale are considered to be high in fat, salt or sugar.

“That’s huge when you consider the model proposed will reduce the annual wholesale value of those products to £250m. 

“If the plans are approved, there’s going to be a huge impact on the sales of retailers, wholesalers and suppliers.”

Urging the industry to contribute to the consultation, Smith added: “Having as much information from our wholesale and supplier members will enable us to have a much louder voice to inform government of the impact on small businesses.”

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