Looking to the year ahead – what are your hopes and fears and do you have any new year’s resolutions? 3 retailers share their thoughts

“Alcohol is the biggest concern this year. The rise of campaigns banning super-strength products is a worry. The answer has to be education, not legislation. The big opportunity for us is to increase the spend we’re taking from the multiples and from the discounters – working out how we fill that gap. It’s about learning from other retailers”

Rav Garcha, Nisa Local, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

“We had a good year. Price-marked packs are convincing customers that we are cheaper than Tesco. Chilled is a big area of potential, especially fresh meat. My main concern is if a Tesco or Co-op opens nearby. I’d also like to see greater range from my chilled foods suppliers.”

Rodney Coombes, Lee Park Stores and Kinson Convenience Stores, Dorset

“Commercial discounters will be the big threat to independent retailers this year, not supermarkets. If a discounter is eyeing up your area you need to start a campaign. The other growing threat is non-duty paid tobacco and alcohol. There needs to be far tougher punishments for offenders.”

Linda Williams, Broadway Convenience Store (Premier), Edinburgh


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