In his book The Curve, Nicholas Lovell writes about ‘superfans’ – the customers that form the backbone of your business, champion what you do and pay for the things they find truly valuable.

He gives the example of American rock band Phish, who have released more than 800 records, none hits, but in 2012 grossed more than Radiohead or Metallica because their superfans couldn’t miss the band’s improvised concerts.

I heard from several Retail Newsagent superfans this month and witnessed the value they deliver that goes far beyond simply buying the magazine.

Two weeks ago, Rochester newsagent Steve Barker messaged a Facebook group that his copy of RN hadn’t arrived. I contacted our distributor, found out Menzies Maidstone hadn’t received its copies and was able to guarantee Friday delivery. “I do like my Thursday morning read,” Steve told the group.

In the same group, several retailers were discussing Smiths News’ Amazon parcel link up. One asked for details and was pointed towards RN’s exclusive story. When he said he didn’t buy the magazine, Bradford retailer Stephen Hunter replied “maybe you should order it”.

I heard from several RN superfans this month and witnessed the value they deliver that goes far beyond simply buying the magazine

After tweeting our 2015 features list last week, a retailer complained that we only have one HND feature planned. RN news content editor Ed Chadwick replied that we have written 15 in-depth off-list HND articles this year and was backed up by Jackie’s News roundsman Guy Day, who tweeted examples of other valuable content in RN.

Whether you know them or not, you will have champions and critics that talk about your store in the school playground or on social media. The more you turn into superfans who love your business, and the more reasons you give them to keep coming back, through great products they can’t get anywhere else or amazing service, the more valuable they will become.

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