In 2013, Mo Razzaq began a major shop refit and documented it in a 13-part series:

Part 1: I go to meetings to look for business opportunities

Part 2: New shop project

Part 3: New store project – getting prices right

Part 4: Delivering my store means making new decisions

Part 5: Facebook is a great place to make announcements

Part 6: The Family Shopper team came to visit

Part 7: Opening my new store

Part 8: Building a low energy Family Shopper

Part 9: The shop fitters have started work in my new store

Part 10: My Family Shopper store is open and busy

Part 11: The First 100 Days

Part 12: One Year on

Part 13: Two Years On

Shahid, or Mo, Razzaq is an award winning retailer with more than 25 years experience in the trade. Shahid is hugely active in his local community, and stands on the local council. He regularly blogs and writes articles involving help and advice for other retailers.