In this week’s RN feature on healthier eating, I looked at two retailers’ stores – Eddie Poole and Bintesh Amin – and how they used the New Year to capitalise on healthier products for various categories.

Whereas the focus was mainly on ready-meals, free-from products and fruit and vegetables, dairy is an equally opportune area to attract your customers on a January health-kick.

Here’s three dairy sub-sectors in which healthier variants are showing particularly strong growth.


A recent Mintel report on the spreads market found that 39% of people agreed that butter was “more healthy” than margarine because it was perceived as more natural. This ties into the wider trend calling for unprocessed produce across all food categories – something to keep in mind the next time your reviewing your spreads range.

Flavoured milk

A qualitative survey carried out by the National Dairy Council found that 83% of mums would prefer for their children to drink flavoured milk over soft drinks at school, and 84% recognise that flavoured milk carries the same nutrient benefits as white milk.


Health has been a long term trend within the cheese category, which has “driven demand for lighter variants as they cater for consumers who are looking to make steps towards a healthier lifestyle,” says Dairy Crest’s shopper marketing controller Adam Mehegan. According to Dairy Crest, Cathedral City Mature Lighter is the largest lighter cheddar brand, worth over £33m.