Local shops handle a lot of cash and need to do this well to keep shoppers happy.

I stopped off to fill my scooter with petrol yesterday and after checking out the pricing of various treat foods I handed over £20 and was surprised to receive change of £10. Shaz, who served me, looked down to the till, where he had already put the note away and he was unsure. I exchanged numbers and names and said I would call back today after he had cashed up.

This is the second time this has happened to me in recent years. The last time, the manager in the off licence said I was wrong but agreed to call me if she was £10 over when she cashed up. To her credit, she telephoned later that night after the cash up.

Today, I arrived in the garage unsure what to expect. The sales assistant asked me to repeat my story twice and then said that I was wrong. She said she had been present last night at the cash up and the till roll balanced. I urged her to call her manager, thinking second time round and not lucky. However, her manager told her that the £10 was in the till and she unfolded it and handed it to me with an apology.

There are two things worth remarking. One, always keep the note tendered separate until the transaction is complete. Two, coach your team to be positive about the mistake. By telling the customer he or she is wrong, you lose a little trust. And that is too precious a commodity to lose.