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In part 10 of a 12-week development programme, the IAA – and its category partner Mondelez International – help retailer Helen Rogers improve her in-store displays

In part 10 of a 12-week development programme, the IAA – and its category partner Mondelez International – help retailer Helen Rogers improve her in-store displays

In the summer of 2016, Helen and Peter Rogers added a rural convenience store to their butchers and farm shop in an upmarket shopping village three minutes’ drive away. A better understanding of in-store display will help them increase impulse purchases and encourage existing shoppers to buy more.

Before benchmarking your shop, find out how Susan Nash, of category partner Mondelez International, helped Helen and Peter to look at their business like customers by answering the questions opposite.

Setting up the c-store from scratch, they relied on advice from their wholesaler and suppliers who visited. Sales are growing strongly, but both she and Peter are confident more is possible. They have complemented their core convenience range with quality meats and other artisanal products, plus hot food and coffee. Can the IAA help them entice shoppers to buy more of these items?

Why I take part


Helen says: We are keen to work with suppliers to promote the shop and to grow our sales. Academy in Action means we get to meet Susan and Mondelez, who we have not met before, and we are interested to hear what she says.

We have made some good changes to the shop already and we are willing to do more to increase sales.

IAA Advice for Helen & Peter


Helen and Peter’s challenge: Using theatre in displays to grab customers’ attention

There is a lot of choice packed into Helen and Peter’s busy shop and they are confident regular buyers know where the local products are. But how can they inspire shoppers to increase their basket spend?

Susan says: “There are some great local products in Helen and Peter’s shop, including locally roasted Method coffee, teacakes by the till, chutneys and great meat from the area. Better signage and inspirational displays will catch shoppers’ eyes and add to the upward sales trend. Some thought also needs to be given to ensure good sellers are placed in high traffic areas.”

Action: Create impact by promoting the brand names of locally sourced products like meat from a nearby butcher on signs around the shop.


Helen and Peter’s challenge: Maximising results from in-store opportunities

A countertop hot snacks heater catches the eye when customers first enter the shop. But a huge freezer, card spinner and vaping unit undermine the ‘eat now’ theatre. Can they better organise this area to boost sales?

Susan says: “Drive on-the-go sales by making it easy to buy a snack and drink. The coffee machine is next to the hot snacks but nothing suggests buying both. Helen and Peter plan to invest in a new coffee machine and ice cream freezer and can boost results by moving food to go nearer the entrance. But immediately they can download posters from Mondelez to promote buying a coffee and a snack.”

Action: Put up posters to promote buying a quick meal, and create excitement by trialling better adjacencies.


Helen and Peter’s challenge: Getting more out of working with suppliers to maximise impact

Since opening in the summer of 2016, Helen and Peter have trusted their wholesaler and reps for advice and support on how to make an impact. But how can they tell what will work and what might not to make the best decisions?

Susan says: “There is great support available from suppliers to ensure independents understand shopper missions and have point-of-sale for occasions and new products. However, retailers must ensure they understand what the thinking behind supplier activity is to ensure it fits in with their offer. Discipline is good, but always check you are getting a return.”

Action: Get more details from reps and suppliers to ensure you get the maximum benefit from any new displays.

Partner advice


Susan Nash, Trade Communications Manager, Mondelez International

Great displays inspire shoppers to buy things on impulse and make it easy for them to find what they came to buy. There is a lot right about Helen and Peter’s shop. They plan ahead. Better displays promoting top sellers will help keep sales motoring.

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