Staff development – Academy in Action follow-up

In April, Sandeep Hegde, from category partner Procter & Gamble, visited Ian Lewis at his shop in Minster Lovell to advise him on staff development and building a strong team. We catch up with Ian to find out how he got on

IAA Advice

  • Introduce quick catch-up sessions with each member of staff every two to three weeks to discuss their development
  • Give proactive staff responsibility for reviewing and improving specific displays to help develop their skills
  • Ask weekday and weekend staff to write down their tasks into job descriptions and display them on your noticeboard

The Results

We introduced informal catch-up sessions with staff and have some good ideas on how to improve the shop. Staff feel more appreciated and have become proactive about cleaning and making the shop look good. Some are now involved in improving display areas. Better merchandising and team effort have led to a 56% increase in meat sales and a 44% increase in frozen food sales. We also visited shelfhelp.co.uk, where we got helpful merchandising advice.

Sandeep Says

By giving more responsibility and regular feedback to staff, Ian has done a great job in making his team stronger. It is important he continues to educate staff on how they work as a team and how the business runs as this will take his business further.


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