Slush machine trend attracts major brands

'No added sugar’ varieties are also joining the rush for slush

Slush machine hygiene standards

Several major brands joined the slush trend last month with the first Robinsons Fruit Ice and Calippo Slush machines arriving in UK stores.

Slush suppliers Polar Krush Group began advertising the Calippo Slush machines to stores, boasting five sugar-free flavours, each matching a leading Calippo ice lolly – Cola, Strawberry, Lemon, Orange and Lime.

The units and supplies are now also available from Consort Frozen Foods and Walls Refrigeration Solutions.

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Meanwhile, Frozen Brothers, the distributors of Tango Ice Blast, Fanta Frozen and Coca-Cola Frozen to convenience, unveiled a new Robinsons Fruit Ice machine last week – available in two flavours and a non-carbonated shaved iced format. Like Calippo Slush, the Robinsons-themed unit also sits on the healthier side of the slush market, boasting ‘no added sugar’ in both of its variants.

Despite the launch of a new concept by Frozen Brothers, Better Retailing understands retailers are continuing to report substantial delays on orders of the company’s other units.

Stores slam slush firm for failing to install machines despite upfront payment

Last month, it was reported that the firm had failed to install devices on time, mixed up orders and been unavailable to contact by retailers signed up with Frozen Brothers.

This week, another West Midlands retailer, who wished to remain anonymous, said his service from Frozen Brothers was “absolutely shocking”.

Frozen Brothers failed to respond to requests for comment, but other food-to-go equipment providers reported delays linked to a “global parts shortage”.

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