Snappy Shopper grocery delivery app

Snappy Shopper is looking to acquire and “phase out” rival services, according to leaked messages seen by betterRetailing and interviews with senior figures at the company.

The leaked messages from the co-founder of the delivery platform, Scott Campbell, confirmed rumours that Snappy Shopper had approached an unnamed development company used by a rival to assess a potential deal that would have “pulled the rug” from under Zeus Labs, which provides a white-label online ordering platform for convenience stores.

Campbell claimed no offer was made, but added: “We are apparently looking at lots of acquisition prospects.”

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The comments come as Snappy chief executive Mike Callachan revealed to betterRetailing the company has signed a deal with an EPoS platform, which has its own rival delivery service to Snappy Shopper.

While the deal with the unnamed company is only to add Snappy Shopper functions to the EPoS system, Callachan said he was aiming for the deal to progress further. “We hope they phase that out and Snappy becomes that solution,” he said.

Responding to the comments, a spokesperson for Snappy Shopper told betterRetailing: “As you would expect, we often interact with other industry players. We would consider acquisition opportunities if we felt they were value accretive and complementary to our offering, but our core focus is to help convenience retailers drive incremental sales growth using Snappy’s technology.”

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