MyHermes will begin delivering Amazon parcels, following DHL’s decision to remove them as part of its takeover of Pass My Parcel. 

John Parkinson, from Broadway Premier in Penhryn Bay, said the switch could help him boost extra sales. 

“It’s profitable as a standalone service, and it brings in the odd extra customer every so often. If it replaces Pass My Parcel and gives Amazon reasonable access throughout the country, this change will be quite beneficial to us,” he said.

Mike Mitchelson, NFRN president and owner of Mitchelson News in Cumbria, said: “We are the main myHermes agent on our postcode; we get at least 20 parcels a day, while seasonal times are exceptionally busy. It is an important add-on.” 

Hermes UK’s service enables retailers to receive and send customers’ packages through its myHermes Parcel-Shop. The company has not yet confirmed when the Amazon service will begin.

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