Worldpay card machine terminal payments

I have an issue with Worldpay and the way they are treating independent retailers.

Worldpay used to transfer money from credit and debit card transactions I’d taken to my NatWest bank account first thing in the morning. But around a month ago they told me that because they were no longer with RBS they can’t promise to get my money to me before 5pm.

Like many small businesses, we depend on debit card transactions as people are using cards to pay for things a lot more. I take around £6,000 to £7,000 a week by debit card or credit card and need to have that money paid into my account by Worldpay so I can transfer money to suppliers like PayPoint and Camelot.

My business account closes down at 2pm, so if the money isn’t there to pay suppliers it causes big cash flow issues.

PayPoint and Camelot will only give three warnings over late payments and then they will stop working with me. This makes me look like an unreliable customer.

I’ve spoken to Worldpay about it and they said there’s nothing they can do about it. Everyone’s talking about needing to help small businesses, but this isn’t helping – it’s killing my business.

Fabion Emmanuel
Netherne Village Stores,
Coulsden, Surrey

A spokesperson for Worldpay responded:
Worldpay is sorry to hear about the experience Netherne Village Stores faced as a result of our recent service upgrades.

“Our number one priority is to help our customers prosper and we are in direct dialogue with Netherne Village Stores to offer our assistance and provide more detail concerning settlement timescales.”