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The biggest annual cycling event, Tour de France, is set to dominate screens and newspapers throughout July, and you can capitalise on this buzz with this premium-priced, boxed souvenir race guide

Tour De France Official 2019 Race Guide

On sale out now

Frequency one shot 

Price £10.99

Distributor Frontline

Display with Cyclist, Cycling Weekly, Rouleur

The Tour De France may not be visiting these shores this year – its last most notable stage held in the UK was in 2014 in Yorkshire – but it’s still arguably the world’s biggest, most gruelling and certainly highest-profile cycling event in the world. 

And this year’s is as big as ever, with the event celebrating 100 years of the yellow jersey given to the race leader. 

The boxed official race guide carries a premium price box, featuring the 220-page guide itself, wallchart, postcards, a road map and a 68-page book celebrating the 1989 Tour. 

With British riders still dominating thanks to the big dough of Team Sky, and with ITV continuing to support it on screen, the race’s popularity is continuing to grow. 

The Chap

On sale out now

Frequency quarterly

Price £7.50

Distributor Warners

Display with GQ, Esquire

  • The magazine for the refined gentleman is celebrating 20 years of existence and its 100th issue with a bumper edition.
  • This issue includes Terry-Thomas on the front cover, and an interview with Leslie Phillips inside. 

The Move

On sale out now

Frequency quarterly

Price £6.50


Display with Dazed, i-D

  • This is the fourth issue of the music, fashion, lifestyle and club magazine.
  • The independently produced publication includes a look at London’s original warehouse club scene

Creative Countryside 

On sale out now

Frequency quarterly

Price £25


Display with Breathe, Planet Mindful

  • This is a 240-page publication printed on recycled paper, with no advertising.
  • Pitched somewhere between mindfulness and eco-friendly mags, Creative Countryside focuses on living slowly and seasonally; the theme for this issue is ‘emerge’.

Wisden Cricket Monthly

On sale out now

Frequency monthly

Price £4.95

Distributor Marketforce 

Display with The Cricket Paper

  • The latest issue of the long-running cricket magazine focuses on the forthcoming World Cup tournament in England and Wales.  
  • England captain Eoin Morgan is pictured in the new England tournament kit in an exclusive photoshoot and announcement. 


On sale out now

Frequency biannual

Price £14

Distributor Antenne Books

Display with Aesthetica

  • Each issue of MacGuffin magazine is devoted to one complete subject, taking in all elements.
  • The seventh edition looks at trousers, with a crew of artists and writers looking at the design and craft of this essential item.

Truck & Driver

On sale out now

Frequency monthly

Price £3.95

Distributor Marketforce

Display with Classic Vintage Commercials

  • This magazine for truck enthusiasts and drivers has benefited from a redesign and new look. 
  • The new issue includes a special feature looking at the final years of the British truck manufacturing industry. 


On sale out now 

Frequency quarterly 

Price £4.95

Distributor Seymour

Specialist choice

Bill Palmer,
Magazine Heaven,
Rushden, Northamptonshire

Who buys it?

This magazine is very topical; it’s about sustainable living, but covers everything. It’s for anyone interested in a sustainable lifestyle.   

How do you display it?

We put it in our science and nature section. There’s been a resurgence of interest in this area recently. 

Tim Murray
Magazines reporter

My week in magazines

Go green to get more green

The Extinction Rebellion protests sweeping the country may not be to everyone’s taste – living in London, you’ll hear your fair share of grumbling about the disruption they cause – but I’m not going to get involved in the rights and wrongs. 

The movement and protests chime with a resurgence in green and eco-friendly politics, with environmental issues moving back up the agenda in British and global politics. 

It mirrors the mindfulness trend that continues, and speaking to retailers recently, predominantly when putting together the Specialist Choice column, I’ve noticed an increasing trend towards mentioning green-friendly publications. 

There’s one featured in this week’s publication, Permaculture, as recommended by Magazine Heaven. It’s now up to its 100th issue, has a worldwide print circulation of some 20,000 and
is growing digitally, too. 

The wide scope of the current movement’s aims and ideals, beliefs and interests, means that the time is ripe for publications of this ilk and they engender a wide, potential audience (Permaculture readers are, the magazine said, “aged between 25 and 55 years old”, a fairly wide demographic). Like mindfulness magazines, and many of the publications now springing up, these appeal to the kind of readers who favour independent retailers, too, not for buying off the shelves of the big four supermarkets, with their excess packaging and bullying of independent producers. They want to go into indies to buy their wares – which, of course, could be your shop. 

And then there’s the retail prices, too. Another we have featured over the page, Creative Countryside, is printed on recycled paper and, like many environmentally-focused titles, eschews regular advertising and concentrates on revenue from cover price. So, going green means even more green – it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.