Retailers warn of new scam involving PayPoint terminals

Scammers are reportedly asking for a pre-paid card, and opting for the 'card not present' option


PayPoint retailers are being warned against scammers reportedly targeting stores in the northeast.

One retailer located in Durham became a victim this week, after scammers asked to top up a pre-paid card, obtaining a voucher and when prompted to enter their card details, opting for the ‘card not present’ option.

Ali Awan, owner of H&H Convenience Store in Gateshead, and branch secretary of The Fed, said: “I’ve been told retailers are really worried about this, and I want others to stay vigilant.”

This marks the second time the top-up provider has been the target of a scam. In November, PayPoint warned retailers of a fake cash pay-out voucher scam circulating in independent stores. 

A spokesperson for PayPoint responded to the fresh claims: “To date we haven’t had any retailers make us aware of this particular issue, but we’re always committed to offering the best possible support. We would strongly request that anyone with concerns or evidence of fraud within our network gets in touch directly and promptly so that we can take action.”

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