Retailers forced to close Uber Eats service following removal of Menu Maker

betterRetailing understands the changes were made to clampdown on independent retailers adding 'non-compliant' items

Uber Eats delivery

Independent retailers have been forced to disable home delivery services after Uber Eats removed its Menu Maker function for stores.

Last month, store owners reported being unable to access the feature, which allows them to edit their Uber Eats product listings and pricing. Instead, retailers were being asked to email individual changes.

One affected retailer, who asked not to be named, told Better Retailing: “We have thousands of products through Uber Eats which undergo regular promotional and pricing changes. It used to take an hour each day to make changes. This has set us back by weeks.

“We’ve waited weeks for a response. Uber Eats begged for our services during the pandemic. Their whole attitude has changed now everything is back to normal.”

Another claimed that poor service from Uber Eats had forced them to disable the service for customers. Better Retailing understands the issue has impacted more than 20 independent stores across the UK, with the service being removed to clampdown on small shops adding “non-compliant items”.

One store owner claimed these “non-compliant items” included vaping lines. Better Retailing found a number of Uber Eats partnered supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Co-op, One Stop and Morrisons selling vaping products.

The company was also criticised for a recent promotion advertising delivery from Co-op shops at in-store prices. One retailer said: “It’s unfair competition as we get charged a fee per transaction, so we have to increase our prices accordingly to ensure we make a decent profit.”

An Uber Eats spokesperson said: “Uber Eats is always looking to build better experiences and improve our products for retailers across the country to ensure both flexibility and compliance. We want to be the best partner to retailers and our door is always open for feedback.”

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