Refill stations get a rebrand as stores switch focus to value

Refill stations are said to deliver between £750-to-£2,500 in sales per week in local shops at around a 40% margin

Refill stations

Refill station companies and stores are rebranding units with a ‘value for money’ focus to win over cash-strapped customers. 

Several retailers featuring the bays, which allow shoppers to fill their own containers, said while the units are a hit with eco-focused shoppers, they’re struggling to win over shoppers on tight budgets, due to an often false perception that refill is more expensive than packaged goods. 

Addressing the challenge, Zero Waste Refill Hub, which works with independent and chain-run convenience stores to install refill stations, revealed they are supporting several local stores in updating their refill stations with a budget focus this year, switching to red and white signage and ‘Refill for less’ slogans. 

It is hoped the colour scheme and bright displays associated with bargain sales will help adjust customers’ mindsets around zero-waste shopping. 

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