Protection of Shop Workers Bill set to become law in Scotland

The legislation makes attacking a shop worker a specific offence

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Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP) Daniel Johnson’s Bill to protect shop workers in Scotland from violence and abuse at work is set to become law.

The Bill successfully passed stage 3 in Committee of the Scottish Parliament yesterday.

The new legislation makes attacking a shop worker a specific offence, while assaults or abuse relating to the sale of age-restricted products, such as alcohol or tobacco, also become an aggravating factor in law, attracting higher penalties for perpetrators.

During the debate Johnson also called on MPs in Westminster to support the Assaults on Retail Workers (Offences) Bill being spearheaded by MP Alex Norris.

NFRN national president, Stuart Reddish welcomed the news. “It is great news that retail workers in Scotland will be better protected by the law,” he said.

“We now urge MPs to introduce a similar law to safeguard all shop workers across the whole of the UK by backing Mr Norris’ Bill.”

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