red bull cactus fruit edition

Red Bull has announced that its Cactus Fruit Summer Edition will be made a permanent line, following successful sales and consumer demand.

Cactus Fruit, with an RRP of £1.35, joins Coconut Berry, Tropical and Red varieties in Red Bull’s Editions range.

Red Bull makes Summer Edition a permanent line

According to the supplier, the limited-edition variety sold more than 1.5 million cans during the summer, and accounts for 29% of Red Bull Edition’s £7.3m value growth, and is its second bestselling behind Red Edition, which was also made a permanent line following a successful limited-edition run as Summer Edition.

Currently, Red Bull is worth over £147m to the Sports & Energy category, with editions growing 167% in value last year. Furthermore, tropical and exotic flavours have grown at a rate of 37% vs all other mainstream flavours.

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