PayPoint launches Lucozade voucher promo

Lucozade has unveiled its digital voucher promotion in collaboration with PayPoint

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PayPoint has launched its digital voucher promotion in partnership with Lucozade

The promotion is available across all PayPoint-partnered independent retailers and offers customers £1 off any 380ml bottles of the Orange and Original flavours. The partnership is part of the PayPoint Engage proposition, which offers fast-moving consumer goods brands the ability to connect with a customer, drive basket soend and increase sales.

Ula Bibbey, head of retail partnerships, PayPoint, said: “PayPoint Engage has the power to facilitate unparalleled, direct brand access to millions of people in the UK. It also presents fantastic value to consumers, who are increasingly seeking to maximise savings in their everyday purchases.”

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PayPoint’s digital vouchers can be accessed via SMS or email, allowing customers to engage with brands and products in more than 40,000 convenience stores in the UK.

Hiroto Kizu, shopper marketing controller, Lucozade, said: “We’re excited to work with PayPoint Engage to bring to life the launch of the new taste and look for Lucozade Energy Orange and Original. The campaign will not only deliver value to our shoppers but we’re confident it will help us engage even more shoppers with our new flavours and design.”

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