PayPoint hits 1k sign-ups for Park Christmas Savings

More than 1,000 retailers have signed up to Paypoint’s Park Christmas Savings

Paypoint has revealed that more than 1,000 Fed members have boosted their earning potential by more than £1,000 a year through signing up to become PayPoint Park Super Agents.

Park Christmas Savings is the UK’s biggest Christmas savings club, and is part of PayPoint, and helps families manage household budgets better over Christmas.

Customers can access a wide range of gift cards and vouchers from more than 140 online and high street brands, including Argos, Primark and B&M.

Retailers that sign up as a a PayPoint Park Super Agent an access to a support package, including training, digital and in-store POS, personalised saver communications and a national £2.5 million advertising campaign driving awareness of the scheme.

By recruiting customers for Park Christmas Savings in their local area ahead of the festive period, retailers can earn more than £1,000 a year in commission.

This includes £10 for every new customer sign-up, 3% of all savings and £5 for every customer that uses the scheme again next year.

Muntazir Dipoti, national president at the Fed, said: “The appeal of Park Christmas Savings is a testament to the fact that retailers are always on the lookout for popular, easily implementable services to add to their business. We’re proud to offer this exclusive opportunity for our members with PayPoint, which will help to boost revenue and support local communities to save for Christmas.”

Nick Wiles, CEO at PayPoint, said: “We’re delighted that retailers have rushed to take advantage of the opportunities that Park Christmas Savings offers their customers and businesses. As well as boosting the retailers’ opportunities to earn, Park Christmas Savings plays an important role in helping families budget through Christmas, especially in light of the current cost of living challenges.”

In addition, all PayPoint retailers who join the Fed as a new member will enjoy 3 months free membership worth over £71.40.

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