Just one great idea can make a big difference to your business.

For Sheffield retailer Mandeep Singh, it was running competitions on Facebook and Twitter. This has proved so popular he’s now selling several pallets of the products he features.

Walsall retailer Amrit Singh introduced a non-food pound zone and sales have rocketed.

With a new year less than a week away, it’s a good time to think about fresh ideas for your business and, as always, Retail Express is filled with them.

What one thing can you take back to your store? Perhaps it’s one of the 28 great tips and ideas from the first part of the Retail Express Workshop. Or could you better support your local area and charities to cement your business at the centre of your community.

Or maybe you want to work on improving specific areas of your store by teaming up with suppliers, such as those in our Supplier Partnerships guide in the latest issue of Retail Express.

From January, I’ll be handing over the Retail Express editor reins to current features editor, to move into an editor-in-chief position across Retail Express, our sister retail title RN, and wholesale magazine Better Wholesaling.

The Retail Express mission to guide you on your journey to improve your store will remain unchanged.

This year, we’ve received hundreds of calls and emails from readers looking to better their shops and increase sales. Please keep getting in touch and let us help you make 2018 a fantastic success.