NewstrAid launches financial support portal

The application process for financial support from NewstrAid has been 'streamlined'

UK charity NewstrAid has set up an online portal to speed up its application process for those in need.

The charity has partnered with fellow support organisation Lightning Reach for the portal, designed to minimise fraud and speed up the process for applicants to receive financial aid.

NewstrAid provides support for people who are currently, or have been, employed in the selling and distribution of newspapers and magazines. Lightning Reach works with charities, banks and other utility companies to provide grants.

NewstrAid in walking challenge to raise funds for those in need

Katie Babooram, welfare manager for NewstrAid said, “Anyone in need can access the portal for free so our partnership with Lightning Reach will not only make our application process more efficient through the secure technical process it provides but it will also allow us to reach a wider and more diverse audience.”

Applicants can complete a form on the digital portal, followed by selecting the charities they want to apply to.

Babooram added: “The Lightning Reach system streamlines the user experience, reducing duplication and administration time.

Additionally, the portal will identify other sources of support that the applicant may be eligible for from other organisations which is invaluable information for anyone who is struggling to make ends meet.”

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