Retailers sold 11% more copies of the Star but made 43.2% less retail margin from the title in the six months since Northern & Shell slashed its cover price to 20p.

RN analysis of sales figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABCs) show that, in total, retailers earned £393,000 less from the title from October to March than in the previous six months before the price cut, despite selling 767,303 more copies during this period.

From October to March, retail margin on the Monday-Friday edition totalled £134,100, down 44.1% from a total £239,900 earned in the six months before the price change.

Margin on the Saturday edition fell 43.1% to £190,600 from £335,100, while on Sundays, margin fell 42.6%, from £334,800 to £192,100.

According to this month’s sales figures from the ABCs, year-on-year sales of the Star continued to grow, by 14.5% on weekdays in March, 17.1% on Saturdays and 17% on Sundays.

Elsewhere, the new ABC figures also reveal a strong performance for several Saturday papers. The Times grew year-on-year sales by 0.5%, while the Guardian was up by 1% month on month. Overall, sales of Saturday newspapers grew by 0.3% month on month.

The Monday-Friday edition of the Daily Telegraph also performed well, growing circulation by 0.9% and posting a minor year-on-year decline of 0.5%.