The next 12 months are set to be huge for entertainment magazines with the release of a tirade of blockbuster films. Total Film and SFX (Future Publishing) group editor-in-chief David Bradley explains

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Well, actually, no: it’s this year, and it’s going to be all around you.

Yes, Star Wars is bursting back onto screens in 2015, as are James Bond, Marvel’s Avengers, Jurassic World, Mad Max, Mission: Impossible, Fast And Furious, the Terminator and more.

The biggest blockbuster franchises are on the march, turning 2015 into arguably the most important year in popular cinema ever.

Img48132This is great news for entertainment magazines. Every cover has the potential to be instantly recognisable, each character a brand.

We publish SFX, the market-leading sci-fi and fantasy magazine, and Total Film, the modern guide to movies and Future’s biggest magazine, and they are in a perfect position to capitalise on this.

Total Film placed R2-D2 on the cover recently and without even mentioning Star Wars, the magazine drew instant appeal. The “2015 Epic Preview” issue was the best-selling issue for a year, grabbing 10,000 more sales than the issue before.

Incidentally, Total Film and SFX are strong in the independent retail space – 11% of sales for these titles come from independents (versus an average 7% across other Future titles).

Pick the right film franchise and thousands of people are interested in reading about it – and in 2015, it’ll be hard to pick a “wrong” franchise; every Hollywood studio is rolling out its big guns.

Does this landscape present risks as well? Sure. Saturation is a danger.

As December approaches everybody – from the Radio Times to the Sun – will be wanting to talk about Star Wars.

Standing out from the crowd will become difficult. But not impossible, with the right access, expert writers and a dedication to showcasing what monthly magazines do best.

We’ll be taking the opportunity to celebrate the strength of print much more than in recent years. Posh cover treatments (foils and glosses), supplements and posters are all in the plan, working with the biggest companies in Hollywood.

There’s a great year ahead – big brand movies will be thrilling everybody, both in and out of movie theatres. May the Force be with you.