Northern district president Graeme Pentland has been forced to recruit paper boys from as far as a mile away from his shop due to a lack of volunteers. 

Pentland’s usual posters in his shop window failed to attract youngsters this year. “For the first time ever, I really struggled to recruit paper boys,” he told RN. 

“In the past, I usually just popped an advert in the shop window, but this year, this approach failed to get a response.

“I made some A4 posters and advertised them  about a mile from the shop.”

As a result, Pentland was able to add two to his team. “This takes the pressure away,” he said. “The problem is that during the Christmas period, they do quite well for tips, but then in January and February, when the weather is a lot colder, you tend to lose a couple,” said Pentland.

“It is always a concern if you haven’t got anyone in reserve, and that’s why it’s so important two have come forward. 

“I have everything crossed that everything will now be alright.”