Multipack sales increase as shoppers seek value

Multipack sales increase as shoppers seek value
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An increasing number of convenience store shoppers are buying multipacks of beer, cider, crisps and snacks this year compared to last, as more consumers seek better value for money, exclusive RN data has revealed.

RN’s What to Stock table showed the three best-selling beers were all multipacks, with Stella Artois 500ml 4-pack, Carling 568ml 4-pack and Foster’s 440ml 12-pack ranking first, second and third respectively. Last year, only one multipack beer – Carling 440ml 15-pack – made the top three.

This trend was reflected in the cider category, where three new multipack products made the top 25. Most significantly, Strongbow Dark Fruit 440ml 10-pack climbed nine places up the chart to second place, with average weekly sales per retailer amounting to £21.61.

While no multipacks of crisps and snacks made the top 25 across retail last year, Walkers Classic Variety Crisps 25g 6-pack, which RN highlighted as ‘one to watch’ last year, debuted at 18th place in the category this year.

Furthermore, multi-packs also charted in the mints, chocolate, soft drinks and pet food categories. 

Retail analyst Richard Hyman said the rise in sales of multipacks can be attributed to greater price sensitivity among shoppers, influenced by the growing presence of discounters such as B&M, which are fuelling an “incredibly promotional market”.

“Offering multipacks helps independents stay competitive, which helps them to meet the expectations shoppers have been encouraged to have elsewhere,” he said.

Harj Gill, who runs The Windmill in Birmingham, agreed shoppers are drawn more to multipacks as these appear to be better value for money.

“In the past year, we have increased our multipack range across food and drink by 25%. Even if we don’t have a promotion on them, they still sell better than singles,” he said.

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By Priyanka Jethwa 04 Jun, 2018



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