Lotto to add new games and locations to fight sales slump

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Camelot has announced plans to expand its non-convenience store partners, launch new games and increase retailer support in order to turn around falling sales.

The company reported a 3.2% National Lottery sales dip compared to the same period last year, a figure new CEO Nigel Railton described as “disappointing.”

To fight the sales slump, the company said it would be promoting a “One National Lottery” message to make the competition “far more relevant and visible.”

The lottery operator also said it would be introducing services into discounters and at self-checkouts, while also pushing online sales through its new app. It will also launch EuroMillions HotPicks, a Tuesday Thunderball and lifetime wage prizes, meaning winners will receive a set amount every week for the rest of their life.

The changes to game structures will begin in early 2018 with EuroMillions HotPicks. Changes will also impact its scratch cards. It said instant win game changes would “give people greater choice and better access to the games they really want to play.”

For its retailer partners, the company pledged to double the size of its sales force and to spend £20m on in-store displays, merchandise and game availability. This comes after previous retailer investment over the summer as part of the brand's Allstars support package.

New CEO Nigel Railton reassured retailers that the company was “Seeing early signs of improvement,” but also warned: “It is going to take some time to turn things around.”

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By Jack Courtez 23 Nov, 2017



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