EXCLUSIVE: Jisp’s new ‘Scan & Win’ service aims to boost footfall with large cash prizes

Scan & Save allows shoppers to scan barcodes in store to receive discount codes to use at the counter

EXCLUSIVE: Jisp's new 'Scan & Win' service aims to boost footfall with large cash prizes

Shopper loyalty firm Jisp is to launch a new ‘Scan & Win’ service that drives shoppers to visit stores and scan items to win large cash prizes. 

When it launches in June, the new tool is set to benefit all stores, not just those partnered with Jisp. Under the scheme, suppliers use their customer lists, advertising and social media to promote a prize draw. To enter, customers scan the barcode of the supplier’s chosen product on their phone. 

Speaking exclusively to Better Retailing, a spokesperson for Jisp said “there’s huge potential to push shoppers to stores”, with the firm expecting a high conversion rate, backed by the potential for suppliers to give further product discounts to those who enter. 

“Getting the customer through the door is half the battle. We know that stores usually get incremental sales from Jisp-driven store visits,” they added. 

Brands can choose specific retailers to send customers to, and Jisp is also speaking to symbol groups and wholesalers to encourage them to run their own Scan & Win offers to drive footfall into partnered stores. 

While a brand could choose to send shoppers to a major grocer, Jisp promised Better Retailing that its existing customer databases of independent store customers would not be used in multiple-specific campaigns. 

The company refused to name which suppliers would be using the Scan & Win tool, but a spokesperson said it was in talks with “some of the biggest global brands”. 

Success in local shops 

The launch of Scan & Win represents Jisp’s first foray outside of its app-and-web-based loyalty and grocery-ordering platform for local shops – Scan & Save – which it says can help local shops compete with supermarket loyalty schemes. 

The company revealed that nearly 500 independent convenience stores are now partnered with Jisp, with nearly 25 stores adding the service every month. Meanwhile, the number of shoppers using the app has increased by 27% since the start of 2023, equivalent to 73 shoppers per store now using the service. 

Using Scan & Save, shoppers scan barcodes in store to receive discount codes to use at the counter. 

The discount is funded by the supplier, meaning stores make the full standard price margin, plus commission fees for every product scanned and every scanned product purchased. 

Shoppers also receive £2.50 in Jisp-funded store credit for every 25 discounted items purchased. The company said £250,000 in credit was spent in Jisp stores in the past eight months. 

The amount of discounts being redeemed in stores has increased by 600% since the start of the year, which Jisp attributed to cash-strapped shoppers looking for ways to save money. 

A spokesperson for Jisp told Better Retailing the brand is looking to rapidly expand the number of Jisp-partnered stores, beginning with a second push to sign up more Payzone Plus retailers to Jisp this month. 

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