Reach ups newspaper bundle pricing

Margins on all bundles remain pro-rata

Smiths News heavy bundles

Reach PLC has announced price increases on a number of its bundled newspaper titles. From 28 January, the Saturday Express and Star bundle will cost 30p more at £2.50; the Sunday Express two-for-one will cost 25p more at £3.25; the Sunday Express and Star Liverpool Echo as well as the Sunday Express and Star Manchester Evening will cost 50p more at £4. Margins on all bundles remain pro-rata. 

Sasi Patel, who owns multiple Go Local stores across north-west England, said: “It’s disappointing news because they offer these deals to consumers without considering how it affects retailers.” 

Patel explained the demographic for these newspapers is unlikely to be turned off by the price rise, and expected a rise in uptake driven by the saving, compared with buying the titles separately. 

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