NewstrAid receives record applications for cost-of-living support

Industry charity NewstrAid has received triple the amount of cost-of-living support applications this year than the last

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Newstraid has revealed that it received three times more applications this year than in 2022 for those seeking support during the cost-of-living crisis.

NewstrAid’s Cost of Living Crisis Fund as launched in autumn 2022, and offers a £250 non-repayable grant to applicants who work, or have worked in, the sale or distribution of magazines and newspapers in the UK.  

The charity said it has received a ‘large number’ of applicants in 2023, and people struggle to cope with the rising prices of everyday items.

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Katie Babooram, welfare manager at NewstrAid, said: “There is no doubt that the cost-of-living crisis is having a real impact on people from our industry. We have seen an unprecedented number of applications for help this year and by September had already processed three times as many applications than we did during the whole of 2022.”

The £250 grant is provided on a per household, per year basis.

Babooram continued: “More and more people are now facing household debt with many using what little savings they have to cover essentials like rent, food or utility bills. As we head into the autumn and winter months and heating bills etc. inevitably rise, we are expecting applications to increase even further.

“It is important to highlight that those who were awarded a Cost of Living Crisis Fund grant last year are eligible to apply again this year, and anyone with a newstrade connection can apply to NewstrAid for financial help and contact us for advice and emotional support should they need it.”

For more information about NewstrAid and the help they can provide, visit: www.newstraid.org.uk.

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