Geek Bar targets illicit vapes with new packaging

The percentage of people reporting the sale of illicit tobacco has risen by 20% over the past five years, according to new figures by the Tobacco Manufacturers Association (TMA). 

The report, published last week, revealed 32% reported it, but more than seven in 10 (71%) smokers were still buying it, a reduction from 78% in 2019. 

There were reductions in every region except London, where smokers purchasing illicit was unchanged at 85% from 2019. 

Geek Bar targets illicit vapes with new packaging

In addition, the findings confirmed a surge in social media sales, with 19% of respondents claiming to have bought from social media, compared to 4% before the pandemic

TMA director Rupert Lewis said the report shows the “entrenched perception among many consumers that it is ‘acceptable’ to trade or buy illicit tobacco”. 

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