Independents outperforming in IGD convenience sales

igd, sales figures, convenience, independent retailSome back of a fag packet analysis of the IGD’s latest sales figures suggest that the average symbol group shop operating in the UK will turnover £14,862 a week this year, up 6 per cent.

For the average non-affiliated independent shop the turnover is expected to rise 2 per cent to £6,454. Combining the two estimates gives you a proxy for the average independent local store of £10,213, up 5.9 percent.

The IGD estimates show that both forecourts and co-operative outlets are losing market share in the £32.4 billion market. While multiples are increasing share by 8.1 per cent, symbol groups still top the chart with 9.2 per cent growth.

The independent sector grew sales by £953 million – in cash terms two-and-a-half times more than the c-stores owned by multiple grocers.


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