If music be the food of love, pay on

Nothing helps the morning go by like the chatter of the radio behind you as you sort the papers for your news deliverers or wheel in the early delivery from your wholesaler. At that early hour it’s often the first voice you’ll hear all day, a reminder that though its pitch black outside and the only sound is the thundering rain, you’re not alone.

But what if you leave the radio on during the day to keep you company in the post-morning lull? Well, in much the same way as if you have the television on in the background, then you need to be aware that having the radio on – or, indeed, any music at all – where customers might be able to hear it, requires a special licence.

According to studies, 84 per cent of customers like to hear in-store music. Whether this matters much in smaller convenience stores or newsagents, where people tend to browse less and more product is bought on impulse, is a moot point. The playing of music without a PRS for Music licence could land your store with a fine.

PRS for Music have stepped up their campaign over the last couple of years to make sure that all small businesses comply with the laws but are making it easier for retailers to get involved by waiving the higher-rate fee they normally charge for the first year of the licence.

Information can be found by calling PRS for Music on 0800 694 7314 or visiting their website at www.prsformusic.com/shops


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