How welcoming is your shop?

The owner of this store was surprised when I discussed this sign with him that I would take issue with it…and he may be right. It may be that retailers have to be heavy handed with the public when it comes to people parking all day in spaces that you maintain for shoppers.

However, I was suggesting that the type of person who abuses your business daily is unlikely to notice this sign anyway. Instead you should try and send a positive message to your shoppers.

How about: ‘Free parking for our customers. You are welcome to park in the slip road outside these shops, which is a private road for the use of shoppers using our precinct. Please do not park here otherwise. Thank you.’

What is the difference? I think the current sign tells people off. The new wording tells people about the benefit that you provide them with. And it still gives you something to point to if you confront someone who is taking advantage of your parking bays.

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