EXCLUSIVE: Post Office ramps up branch efficiency scheme

Over 1,100 pilot visits have been made by area managers to conduct in-depth reviews

The Post Office (PO) has been visiting branches across the country as part of an initiative to boost efficiency and network sustainability.

Over 1,100 pilot visits have been made under the Branch Efficiency Initiative by area managers, to conduct in-depth reviews, investigating opening hours discrepancies with customer demand and opportunities; staffing hours marching customer demand; and operational staff efficiency.

As the initiative gains pace, postmasters will be provided with positive steps for implementing change, based on transactional, commercial, and product-level date, alongside real-world projections such as location, footfall and staffing.

Director of retail operations Pete Marsh said: “We’re pleased to continue the roll out of the Branch Efficiency Initiative, as we demonstrate our commitment to postmasters and continue to support their efforts to drive branch efficiency and revenue.

“As we continue to implement the scheme and move into the next phase, we will revisit the pilot branches and work with postmasters to optimise areas of their businesses such as cash and banking that our customers rely upon.”

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