EXCLUSIVE: Nisa to charge £150 for unreturned cages

The fee will be enforced from January 2024

Nisa is to charge retailers £150 per unreturned cage from January, following issues with store owners not returning trollies.

In a message sent to stores, seen by BetterRetailing, the wholesaler said it had rolled out 16,000 new cages in the first half of 2023 and had launched a new tracking system designed to help monitor distribution.

It said: “The new system allows us to better monitor cages, helping us to manage store cage balances and ensuring a good return rate back into depot – enabling us to continue picking and delivering on the correct equipment.

“Unfortunately, we have identified that cages are not always returned and so to ensure they are returned to be able to fulfil pick and delivery requirements for all customers, we will be implementing a charge of £150 for any cages non-returned from 1st January 2024.”

Retailers who do not return the trollies will be charged quarterly through a manual debit. Nisa added: “Ultimately, we do not want to have to charge for non-returned cages, and simply want to work with customers to ensure they are returned in a timely manner and reduce the cost to the business of replacing lost cages.”

The wholesaler has produced a guide to outline the process for returning and recording cage deliveries with their drivers. Cage balances will also be shared fortnightly with retailers from January to help “provide greater visibility.”


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