EXCLUSIVE: Booker to increase required spend for Spend & Save rebate scheme

Vaping will also be included in the loyalty programme

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Booker is to increase the minimum spend for its Spend & Save rebate scheme, while including vape purchases in the qualifying spend for the loyalty scheme.

The wholesaler sent letters, seen by Better Retailing, to Budgens stores communicating the changes from 20 February, while Premier retailers were also informed by their retail development managers.

The changes mean symbol stores will have to spend more to across a four-week period to qualify for varying discounts across different bands. For Premier stores, the changes are:

  • Qualifying spend for 0.5% rebate to change from £10,000 – £14,999 to £11,500 – £17,249
  • 1% to change from £15,000 – £24,999 to £17,250 – £28,749
  • 2% to change from £25,000 – £34,999 to £28,750 – £40,249
  • 3% to change from £35,000 – £44,999 to £40,250 – £51,749
  • 4% to change from £45,000 – £54,999 to £51,750 – £63,249
  • 5% to change from £55,000+ to £63,250+

Meanwhile, Budgens stores have an additional 6% rebate, with tiers differing from other symbols. One of the group’s retailers claimed the threshold for the 6% rebate is to increase from £65,000+ to £74,750+. Londis retailers told Better Retailing the were unaware of any changes to their rebates.

Vaping purchases will also be included in the qualifying spend for Premier, Londis and Budgens retailers from 20 February. In the letter, Booker Group Retail managing director Colm Johnson said: “Vape is fast becoming an important part of every retailer’s offering, so I hope that you will be able to take advantage and further enhance your Spend & Save rebate on vape purchases from BRP and Booker Wholesale.”

The inclusion of vaping products will change the purchasing of retailers. One affected store owner, who asked not to be named, told Better Retailing: “I purchase all my vaping products from third-party suppliers currently, and none from Booker. I get loyalty rewards from those suppliers, but this decision from Booker will make me rethink how I buy the products.

“I spend £5,000 a week on vaping products, but I will probably have to shift a proportion of this to Booker.”

Booker has been approached for comment.

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