EnviroGuardian chiller device developed by retailer stops waste

Up to 4,000 customers are now using the devices to reduce their wastage

EnviroGuardian waste

Store owners are preventing chilled wastage and chiller breakdowns by using a device developed by a leading shop owner.

The EnviroGuardian device, developed by a company led by One Stop retailer Dee Sedani, uses sensors placed in a chiller which detects changes in temperature.

The wireless device operates on batteries and can be placed anywhere in a freezer or chiller.

If it detects a pattern of irregular changes in temperature, retailers will be alerted through email and a smartphone app.

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Sedani told Better Retailing there is a one-off cost of £475 for a ‘base station’, which plugs into a Wi-Fi device, and £90 for each sensor required for the chillers. There is no additional fee after purchasing these devices.

“We’ve got 3,500 to 4,000 customers using the devices now. It helps retailers get on top of their chilled maintenance if an abnormal change in temperature is detected at least four times. It’s not just the retailer who will receive an alert. They can set it so their engineer will also receive a warning,” he said.

“The sensors only require a battery change every one and a half years, and they’re wireless, so they can be placed anywhere in the chiller. There are no hidden costs. A common issue a lot of retailers tell us about is companies offering similar products charging extra after the initial purchase.”

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