Doritos on-pack promo gives customers chance to win £100

The 'Devour Doritos your way' ad features

doritos devour your own way

PepsiCo has launched an on-pack promotion across packs of Doritos offering shoppers the chance to win £100 with an accompanying TV campaign, ‘Devour Doritos your way’.

Running across the core Doritos range as well as the recently launched non-HFSS pizza flavours until 30 May, the campaign taps into the growth of larger sharing formats, which are now the biggest format in the savoury snacks category.

Alex Nicholas, Doritos senior marketing manager, said: “Staying in is now very much the new going out for Gen Z consumers.  Recent research has suggested as many as 71% prefer it to a night out. The occasion is now worth £2.5bn, showing a huge demand from consumers who are willing to trade up on snacks when staying in. Our on-pack promotion further encourages customers to enjoy their ‘Night In-In’ with Doritos and is therefore a must stock for retailers.”

The accompanying TV campaign airs until the end of March and features social media personality Yung Filly. It focuses on the three types of Doritos snackers: the gecko (The Licker), the bear (The Chomper), and the goat (The Nibbler).

“This bold new campaign focuses on the fun and bold taste of Doritos and is brought to life in a brilliantly engaging way through the use of three different snacker types, showcasing the top ways the nation loves to enjoy Doritos,” added Nicholas. “We know Gen Z are looking for ways to express themselves and this campaign encourages them to do exactly that.”


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