DCS Group launches advice site for indies

corerange.com is aimed at helping retailers navigate the household, health and babycare categories

dcs group corerange.com

Household, health and babycare distributor DCS Group has launched a website, www.corerange.com, to help convenience retailers navigate these categories.

The site is free for retailers to use and lists all the latest category and product insights. The supplier says it uses market data and shopper insights to maintain impartiality.

It also recommends wholesalers use the site to ensure they are listing the bestselling products.

Matt Stanton, head of insight at DCS Group, said: “As a convenience retailer, stocking the right products is crucial to help grow sales. But with so many choices, picking the right SKUs isn’t always easy.

“We have always supplied this insight to our customers and as the experts in the sector, we wanted to help all convenience retailers navigate their way by giving them all the insights they need to select a bestselling, efficient core range that is right for their store, which helps build a loyal customer base and drive profitability in their business.

“We want to make insight and data more accessible than ever before to those who need it. The categories are important and contain essential, high-value products that convenience stores should stock. They drive shoppers into stores, both for planned top-up shops and distress missions.

“Brands are particularly important in convenience stores, as shoppers trust branded products. Some stores have limited shelf space, and our insight will help retailers make the right decisions about which products to stock for their customer base whether that’s price-marked packs or not.”

With the launch of corerange.com, DCS Group becomes the latest supplier to launch a website to help retailers drive sales, following recent launches from Britvic, Mondelez International, Mars Wrigley, Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I and KP Snacks.


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