Achievers Academy in Action 2013: Staff Development

In this Independent Achievers Academy, the IAA’s Darren Rackham joined the NFRN’s Graeme Collins on a visit to Sivaharan Kandiah’s Hackney store.

In the penultimate Independent Achievers Academy visit of 2013, the IAA’s Darren Rackham joined the NFRN’s Graeme Collins on a visit to Sivaharan Kandiah’s Hackney store to talk about how he keeps his staff on top form.

Key tips

  • Install a notice board to provide staff with in-store updates and keep them informed on the industry
  • Hold a weekly news meeting to share information and receive feedback from your staff
  • Support external training for your staff. It will demonstrate your interest in their development and maintain their loyalty.

In 2011 Sivaharan’s shop fell victim to the London riots and much of his stock was damaged, or destroyed. Since then, Siva has fought back and now feels that he is doing better than ever. Much of this success he puts down to his staff, who he says are like family to him.

“The staff know the customers well and have a good relationship with them. We catch up daily to share advice and feedback,” Siva tells Graeme, who is very happy to see this. “The business is very much a reflection of Siva’s personality and it’s great that he reads the trade press and shares the information he finds there with his staff,” he says.

In April, Siva attended a retail skills programme set up by the council for practical advice on running his business. “It was very useful and I passed on what I learned to my staff,” he says. Graeme is impressed. “Siva is dependent on his staff so any good advice he can get to share with them is excellent. Well-informed staff can have a huge influence on basket spend.

Graeme says that a notice board could prove very useful instore and highlights a place in the stock room where it could hang. Siva agrees. “This would be useful to me and the staff, as information would be there for us all to see,” he says.

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