Move to Co-op’s flower range sees floristry sales increase by 75%, report finds

The Proudfoot Group reported an increase in sales following move to offer Co-op’s flower range

Nisa retailer, The Proudfoot Group, has reported a 75% increase in sales following a move to offer Co-op’s flower range in-store.

Since switching its floristry supply in May 2023, the company has reported an increase in sales across its five Nisa stores in Scarborough.

Sales in Nisa’s Newby store have increased by 50%. The Proudfoot Group has access to over 2,400 Co-op own brand lines, including a Co-op fair trade flower range.

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Purchases made on Co-op’s flower range in-store are donated to Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally (MADL), a charity which was launched to help independently run local stores give back to their communities.

Valerie Aston, director of The Proudfoot Group, said: “We discussed whether to look for an alternative local florist but knowing the quality, value, contribution to MADL and ethics of the Co-op range, we decided to stock directly from our relationship with Nisa.

“The sales increases since that move have been phenomenal and the quality of the stock has been a real hit in our stores.”

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