Quality Street shows off (w)rapping benefits with John Barnes

The ex-Liverpool footballer appears in a video spotlighting the brand's recyclable paper wrappers

john barnes quality street

Quality Street has collaborated with former footballer John Barnes on a rap music video spotlighting the brand’s recyclable paper wrappers.

The Christmas-themed ‘Street (W)rappers’ music video features Barnes rapping about the importance of recycling the brand’s wrappers, which were introduced last year.

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According to the supplier, the move to paper from cellulose and foil has removed almost two billion pieces of packaging material from the supply chain.

Barnes has previously leant his rapping skills to New Order’s 1990 number-one single “World in Motion” and songs released by Liverpool FC players, “Anfield Rap” and “Pass & Move (It’s the Liverpool Groove)”, which went to #3 and #4 in the charts respectively.

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