Country Choice expands 2023 Christmas range

The in-store bakery and food-to-go provider has released details of its Christmas additions

Country Choice has announced details of its 2023 Christmas range.

The new range will feature three new offerings, including the ‘Savour It’ Pigs Under Blankets Toastie. This contains Cumberland sausages, streaky bacon, cranberry sauce and stuffing. The 215g toasties come in cases of 20 at £58.65 per case.

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The ‘Sticky Toffee Loaf Cake’ made with a toffee flavoured sponge cake has a shelf life of 14 days once defrosted. The Thaw and sell 85g loaf cakes come in cases of 24 at £34.65.

Lastly the ‘Chocolate Cupcake’ comes in cases of 20, priced at £28.85. The individually wrapped cakes have a shelf life of 14 days once defrosted.

These new additions will join Country Choice’s established lines, including handheld seasonal bakes, shallow and deep filled mince pies and ‘Festive Friends’.

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