Walkers: crisps and snacks

Planograms from Walkers for small, medium and large convenience store displays

1. Stock a varied range

Customers are often looking for a range of snack items when they visit a convenience store for food, therefore it is important for retailers to stock products from each segment to cater for all their needs, such as sharing bags and popcorn.

2. Identify the best-selling products

An independent store sells on average 273 packs of savoury snacks every week, but it’s important for retailers to stock the right range, as a slower selling line can take up to seven times longer to sell through than a fast selling core range line.

3. Maximise impulse buys with in-store theatre

20% of shoppers buy crisps and snacks on impulse so make sure you have eye-catching in-store theatre front of store, next to the till point and with beers, wines and spirits to take advantage of impulse purchases. Locating extra in-store displays throughout can boost sales by +29%.

4. Merchandise the right way

Only 21% of shoppers in independent and symbol stores know what they intend to buy before they visit a store, providing a real opportunity to influence what they purchase once they enter a store. More shoppers buy single serve savoury snacks when it’s merchandised front of store with juice and sandwiches at the till point.

5. Make it easy for your customers

Shoppers spend less than 20 seconds at the fixture so make it easy for them to find what they want. Block singles together away from sharing packs and make sure you have two or more facings of each SKU so shoppers can spot what they want.



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