Pladis: biscuits

Improve your biscuit sales with these planograms from Pladis

Top tips and trends:

1. Make biscuits impossible to miss

Locate the biscuit fixture towards the front of store, close to high footfall areas, to make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for. There are 54 million hot drink + biscuit occasions in the UK every year so there is a big opportunity to increase biscuit sales through hot drink links in store.

2. Stock the best selling lines

80% of total category value comes from only 8% of products therefore stocking the right range is vital!

3. Draw shoppers to the biscuit fixture

Merchandise key brands in clear brand blocks to create standout, and use branded PoS to highlight and attract shoppers to the fixture. It’s also important to place similar product types together so shoppers can easily find what they want.

4. Make prices easy to see

Give shoppers confidence by clearly displaying prices on fixture. Shoppers trust price-marked packs; use these to demonstrate value for money and fair pricing.

5. Maximise impulse and events

As biscuits is a highly impulsive category, it’s a good idea to use off shelf display to drive impulse sales on biscuit promotions. People also eat more biscuits at Christmas and gifting is a key opportunity, therefore offering a seasonal biscuit range is a great way to maximise profits.


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