Mondelez: chocolate

Improve your confectionery sales with these exclusive planograms from Mondelez

1. Make your display easy to shop

On your main fixture follow our key principles:

  • Have the best-selling bars on the best-selling shelves
  • Group products by pack formats, i.e. singles together, bags together, blocks together
  • Within pack formats group brands together
  • Keep shelves fully stocked with clear prices

2. Inspired to buy

Confectionery is highly impulsive. Secondary displays in high footfall areas increase visibility and help to drive impulse purchases. Displays need to stop your consumer in their tracks. They are ideal for new products, products with media investment and promotion.

3. Offer better choices

Sharing is really in growth; it is growing at 4.6% year-on-year, so don’t forget your bags range. Bestsellers should be displayed between 1 and 1.4 metres from the floor. Split chocolate and sugar confectionery on the fixture and within sugar, split into sub-categories with traditional and family favourites.

Seasons such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween provide a great opportunity to drive incremental sales. Be ready for day one, focus on bestsellers and create a great seasonal display.


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