KP Snacks: crisps and snacks

Follow KP Snacks singles & sharing planograms to boost your snack sales

1. Must Stock Ranging

Follow our impartial plans as they cover the top selling lines that will deliver category growth – 60% of sales go through the Top 50 Best sellers.

2. Make your fixture easy to shop

Blocking similar type products together such as ridged crisps will make it easier for your shoppers to find what they need. Follow our proven plans that can increase sales by up to 40%.

3. Drive impulsive purchases in store

38% of shoppers buy something from a secondary sighting. Make use of impactful branded display and POS such as stackers and dumpbins to drive basket spend.

4. Maximise your shopper’s baskets

79% of shoppers like commonly purchased products merchandised next to each-other. Secondary site bagged snacks with key categories such as soft drinks, sandwiches and BWS.


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